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Pbrack Jetpack- Black

$ 80.00

Product Details

Pbrack Jetpack Harness

Featuring Magnet TECH- Velcro wears out over time whether its from washing or just debris. Magnet TECH gives you the same strength pull on your every time, ensuring you don't lose any pods.

Compression band- In addition to the magnets the compression band keeps your pods secure to your back, reducing pack wobble and covering your pods in a protective sheath. While compressing to your backs profile, giving you a minimal profile.

Kush back support- Featuring a large padded back surface area for maximum comfort and stability. We’ve literally had people get in their cars forgetting they were wearing the Jetpack it’s that comfortable.

Other features- ID card pocket in the front, Swab pockets on the sides, Quick release straps on the front.

Pack size- 4+5+7
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