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Armadillo Knee Pads

$ 45.00


Product Details

Pbrack's Armadillo Knee Pads 

The Armadillo Knee pads have been in the making for over 2 years. We've done dozens of revisions over the last 2 years to build the exact Knee pad we wanted for the sport of Paintball.  Not overbuilt or overpriced, the Armadillo pads are flexible, comfortable yet protect key areas of your Knees from diving and paintball hits. 

Available in three sizes-  

Small/Medium = 16.75" at top, 14.75" at bottom, 14" length

Large/XL =  17.25" at top, 15.25" at bottom, 14.5" length

XXL = 17.75" at top, 15.75" at bottom, 15" length

Professionally used and tested by Seattle Uprising 

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