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2017 Flow Pants- Xanadu

$ 160.00


Product Details

*New for 2017. The Slate Xanadu is a mix of a Slate Grey and Olive Green.  

The Pbrack Flow pants continue to push the envelope of what a Paintball pant can be. Featuring our unique Flow leg technology that help minimize resistance while also minimizing your profile. Flow Tech helps maximize your speed and mobility on the field and allow you to focus on what matters, the game.

The Flow Tech leg from Pbrack is a tapered/tight fit around your calf, similar to a Football style pant allowing you more mobility and less drag. Pbrack is the only paintball company to offer this style of pant. We also offer a Standard leg option (black only) for a more traditional paintball pant fit. 

*Flow Technology- the most advanced paintball pant leg on the market
*Comfort waist- unique side adjusting waistband for maximum comfort and fit
*Kevlar reinforced impact zones for maximum durability and protection
*Dual swab pockets all located in the back of the pant to keep your forward playing profile minimal.
*Silicone Inner Lining to keep your pants up
*Mesh inner lining to help with sliding and comfort
*Pbrack Guarantee
*NEW for 2017- Lighter, more breathable and better fitting than previous models. We removed the zipper and added a velcro crotch hatch to prevent zipper busts. New Neoprene crotch support system. Printed back support to help keep your pack in place. New elastic waist wedges make this years Flow pants fit like a pair of good sweat pants around your waist. 

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