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Ultra Flow PBRack Stock Jersey - White or Black

$ 75.00


Product Details

The Ultra Flow stock PBRack jersey (available in white or black) is a unique jersey design unlike others on the market.  Designed specifically for its ultra lightweight fit, it offers the best of everything in a jersey.

* Minimal padding (shoulders only) where you need it, without extra bulk where you don't;

* Ripstop-type material on the forearms for added durability when sliding or crawling;

* Flexible, comfortable half-gloves reinforced with a harder "shell" on the back of the hand to give added protection and great bounce factor;

* Bottom third of this jersey is made of a lighter weight mesh, which reduces bulk when tucking in and wearing underneath our companion Jetpack pod harnesses;

* These jerseys weigh only 11 ounces, the lightest on the market, but offer better flexibility, durability and athletic performance second to none!

* Customized version worn and field-tested by Professional Paintball Team Seattle Uprising!

** While we do our best to keep all sizes in stock, these are limited to stock on hand and sometimes must be made-to-order.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery if your size is marked as "preorder".

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